HPMC hydroxyethyl cellulose hydroxypropyl methyl Cas: 9004-3

Brand Name: SGONEK

Price: $30 -$40/Kilogram

Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China

Certification: ISO FDA SG COA MSDS

Grade: Medica Grade

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Product Name:  Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Cas No.:  9004-32-4
Molecular Formula:  [C6H7O2(OH)3_n(OCH2COONa)n]x Purity:  99%min
Brand Name:  SGONEK Certification:  ISO FDA SG COA MSDS

HPMC hydroxyethyl cellulose hydroxypropyl methyl Cas: 9004-3

Product name Hydroxypropyl Methy Cellulose
CAS No 9004-65-3
MF [C6H7O2(OH)3_n(OCH2COONa)n]x
EINECS No 220-971-6
PH value 3.0-11.0
Viscosity 5-180000
HPMC is odorless, tasteless,non-toxic cellulose ethers producted from natural high molecular cellulose through series of chemical processing and achieved.It is white powder with good water solubility. It has thickening, adhesion ,dispersing, emulsifying, film, suspended, adsorption, gel, and protetive colloid properties of surface activity and maintain moisture function properties ect. 

1.Water Retention: The water retention will be enhanced, which is helpful with such problems as cement or gypsum construction material drying too fast and poor hardening or cracking due to insufficient hydration.

 2.Operationality: It can enhance the plasticity of mortar and improve the coating efficiency in construction projects.

3.Adhesivity: It can make mortar attach to base material better since the plasticity of mortar is enhanced.

 4.Slip Resistance: It can prevent slipping problem between mortar and the base material in construction project as a result of its thickening effect.

1. Construction industry: As a water retention agent and retarder for cement mortar, the mortar has pumpability. Used as a binder in plastering plaster, gypsum material, putty powder or other building materials to improve the spreadability and extend the operating time. It can be used to paste ceramic tiles, marble, plastic decoration, paste enhancer, and can also reduce the amount of cement. HPMC's water-retaining properties prevent the slurry from cracking because it dries too quickly after application, enhancing the strength after hardening.
2. Ceramic manufacturing industry: widely used as a binder in the manufacture of ceramic products.
3. Coating industry: As a thickener, dispersant and stabilizer in the coating industry, it has good compatibility in water or organic solvents. As a paint remover.
4. Ink printing: as thickener, dispersant and stabilizer in the ink industry, it has good compatibility in water or organic solvents.
5. Plastic: used as a mold release agent, softener, lubricant, etc.
6. Polyvinyl chloride: It is used as a dispersant in the production of polyvinyl chloride, and is the main auxiliary for the preparation of PVC by suspension polymerization.
7. Other: This product is also widely used in leather, paper products industry, fruit and vegetable preservation and textile industry.
8. Pharmaceutical industry: coating materials; film materials; speed-controlling polymer materials for sustained-release preparations; stabilizers; suspending agents; tablet binders; tackifiers

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